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update. right now we have amy hollyfield standing by in the north bay. >> let's begin with meteorologist lisa argen she is tracking the storm. good morning. we have seen this increase within the last hour or so the darker green indicates heavier rain, yellows offshore this is a loop you can see green beginning to spread east from highway 1 to highway 101, windsor, calistoga, into the east bay richmond still light rain, rain and wind along the richmond-san rafael bridge through larkspur, southern marin, golden gate bridge wet, peninsula san francisco looking at wet weather, 280, 101 into alameda castro valley lighter returns not yet seeing much except the wind in the south bay, san jose wind gusts up to third -- 35 miles an hour. today coast, bay, inland heavy rain, gusty winds throughout
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the morning. late morning hours into noontime, the winds diminish, rain tapers, just scattered showers mild in the 60s, by the evening hours, better evening commute, just a few showers, getting into heavier rain around 2:00 tomorrow night into your friday morning commute. roads are moderate, wind is what we need to be careful of now the slick roads with the rain beginning to develop. san jose, 87 northbound past the hp pavillion, julian exit, traffic light, flowing nicely, no problems. westbound 4 harbor earlier big rig fire cleared. tow trucks trying get that out of there. slow traffic out of antioch westbound, 25 minutes from hillcrest towards concord and 242. a look at your waze app, peninsula is bay shore freeway raining there as you can see by our reporter here, traffic
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fairly moderate northbound into san francisco, reports of a car stopped on the shoulder 101 at brisbane this isç,d+ great app to help navigate especially as the storm gets underway free on apple's app store and google play >> to the coast now, katie marzullo continues our live storm watch coverage from the pacifica pier. we are able to hear the winds now, right? >> reporter: it has been the winds here all morning, a bit ago we saw our first raindrops i thought the wetness was here to stay it went away now back to the point where you confuse the sea spray with the very light rain but it is the wind that is whipping that moisture around and that is what has been most unsettling out here, recognizing the van back and forth. it is early, people avoiding
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the weather, deserted except for two fishermen who i talked with 30 minutes ago. he told me he's well wear of the weather, but not concerned. >> -- well aware of the weather, but not concerned. >> there's always a calm before the storm. >> reporter: doing anything differently? >> not really just going throughout, hope for the best. >> reporter: nick is from san jose he tries at least three days a week kind of an expert not something you want to try at home, the u.s. coast guard is asking people to avoid beaches, to stay out of the water during the storm. recommending boat owners take extra lengths to tie those down and make sure they are not going to be banging around in this storm, dangerous conditions are indeed predicted at the coast today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. now to the north bay, amy hollyfield is live in
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san rafael, it is raining there now? >> reporter: we are getting a little bit of a drizzle here. it is nothing too term. -- too terrible. looks like the storm is going to wait until you head out the door. it is coming, but not here yet. here's a look at the current conditions, streets are wet, we did get some rain around 4:30, we've had a steady drizzle, people have ponchos on, it is pull out our umbrella weather out here people are prepared, san rafael comes to lie and people pop in to get coffee, we've been talking to people about preparations they have cleaned out gutters some did get sandbags, they know the storm is coming and feel ready. when people get their coffee, the chronicle is already in the newspaper bin, it is early this morning that's because the woman who delivered the papers told us she is trying to beat the storm. >> it is difficult to work
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with the rain, very difficult. newspaper wet and you have work very be careful, now have work fast. >> reporter: yeah, you don't want a wet newspaper, she knows that so she is trying to hustle this morning. still nothing too crazy up here to report in san rafael this area is expected to get hit hard. that's why we are here, keeping an eye on it. if if you are heading out now, you don't need to bundle up yet, you still want to grab the necessary gear because it is expected to be here soon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. caltrans workers are taking extra precautions this morning on the bay bridge construction project with heavy winds forecasted workers on the suspension span will be call down and out of heavy equipment when winds reach speeds of over 20
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miles per hour definitely going to hit that today main suspension cable is wrapped in a special zinc paste and plastic to protect it from corrosion, engineers are using powerful water pumps to keep critical structures as dry as possible. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the storms. track the rain yourself at we have live doppler 7 hd right there that you can look at. absolutely, we'll have detailed looks at traffic and weather, when we come back. the abc7 morning news right now live look outside golden gate bridge, the deck is wet, we don't see heavy rain here yet. meteorologist lisa argen will tell us when that rain is going to move in the forecast. we'll also check in with sue hall for traffic. south bay district attorneys decided yesterday to charge a 15-year-old boy, accused of a deadly crime spree, as adult. what is happening today to the teenaged suspect.
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good morning. heaviest rain north bay now wind gusts at sfo 31 mile as over, moderate rain from occidental, fort ross, highway 1, winds, wet weather, light blue is just sprinkles along the peninsula, san francisco not a lot going on yet into
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the east bay things are quiet a few light showers from pescadero winds ramping up we are still ahead of the system it has a ways to go within the next two hours or so the heart of the bay area looking at heaviest rain temperatures mild with 57 at our coast, 50 inland in the days ahead, a little break tomorrow. tomorrow night into friday morning is when our second system, slower mover and more rain heads our way. good morning. metering lights just now turned on at the bay bridge toll, moderate traffic here fastrak and carpool lanes are getting by quicker. traffic backing towards 880 overcrossing as you make your way into san francisco. this is our vollmer camera, windy, jumping around as lisa mentioned, high gusts on all the bay bridge bridges and around the bay area this morning. bay bridge towards treasure island, brake lights incline section towards the cantilever
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things pick up. leave the driving to the professionals or take bart everybody on time, no delays throughout the system. one accident in the cotati area north 101 at railroad blocking right lane. this afternoon, a 15-year-old boy will be arraigned on murder charges in the san jose crime spree that included murder, robbery and shootout with police. d.a.'s office charged adonis muldrow as adult yesterday many prosecutors believe he and jonathan bill banks killed a man during -- -- jonathan will tpwafrpbs killed a man two weeks -- bus full of paiges crashes into a child's bedroom.
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>> avoiding fiscal cliff new poll reveals what americans
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good morning many rain continues to focus on the north bay now it will begin to shift east and south winds 30 to 40 miles an hour from pacifica to half moon bay. you can see yellows continue to push into sonoma and marin that's where the rain is beginning to pick up. bodega bay, santa rosa light returns further south blue, not much happening here, a few
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areas of light showers from 580 along san francisco, the peninsula, very light returns into the east bay still quiet the winds definitely getting woken up by those winds in the next two hours, 7:00 to 9:00 the rain will continue to come down moderately not behind the front now until noontime, very active weather, still to come. right now we want to take you back out for live pictures. you can see on your left is san rafael, folks there are getting wet and the winds are the big issue. we have a tweet who just mentioned in sonoma they are getting a lot of rain. on the right paca, along the coast where you will find some of the most howling winds and fastest winds around there wind speeds 30 miles an hour. being see conditions, surf still small, katie marzullo just tweeted it is getting a little rougher, still barely
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rain. remember what lisa said when you get into the heart of the commute after 8:00 when we get into the heart of the storm. coming up in 15 minutes we go back live to reporters. breaking news, we've just learned two supervisors and former executive with bp be will be arraigned on criminal charges stemming from that deadly explosion in 2010. those supervisors and former executive were indicted earlier this month on manslaughter charges 11 workers died which led to one of the worst oil spills in u.s. history. a 6-year-old boy is dead after a bus crashed into his new york home in hempstead, new york on long island. police say the driver tried to avoid hitting a pedestrian, but instead, swerved into the home. the bus plowed into a bedroom killing the 6-year-old and injuring his 7-year-old brother. a dozen passengers had to be taken to the hospital. new this morning, congress continues to try to avoid the
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so-called fiscal cliff, new poll reveals what americans believe should be done. the poll finds that 60% of americans believe taxes should be raised on the wealth this however, the poll also found support is largely based along it logical lines, 73% of democrats approve, 63% independents in favor [ unintelligible ] the woman who could be the next secretary of state is feeling the heat on capitol hill. ambassador rice will be back today trying to appease republican leaders. rice met privately with senators mccain, graham and ayott yesterday they say she misled the public. in the days following rice placed blame on an anti-muslim video the administration said it knew the attack was the work of terrorists. >> concerns i have are greater today than they were before. we are not even close to
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getting the basic answers. >> the focus on some might say, obsession on, comments made on sunday shows, seems to me, and to many, to be misplaced. >> president obama has not yet announced who he will nominate for secretary of state. 6:18 in the bay area time for a look at our weather forecast and heavier rain two hours from moving in, don't worry it will come. >> i'm a little more worried from friday maybe about friday. >> that's right, that system is going to bring the heavier rain look at this wind now the system saturday night into sun , live look outside you can see the camera shaking winds 30 to 40 miles an hour, -- wind advisory for the entire bay area high wind warning along the coast. we are seeing heaviest rain
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confined to sonoma county, that's the green and some of the yellow, occidental, highway 116, windsor, fort ross, highway 1 and lighter blue indicating mist and drizzle towards san pablo, richmond into our east bay through 101 san rafael not getting going yet, the peninsula, drizzle, look what's offshore, more organized rain to head your way by the 8:00 hour. that wind between 8:00 and 100 -- that window between 8:00 and 10:00 is when we see the heaviest rain. 31 mile an hour wind gusts at sfo, half moon bay nearly 40 miles an hour. san jose you had breezy winds this morning. 50s to near 60 across the board this morning. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite, couple systems coming together now we could see thunderstorms too, the main core of the low is offshore.
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we will be looking for all of this to push through by the later morning hours with that system behind us this focuses several inches of rain in the north bay then shifts south tomorrow into friday morning flood watch for the delta, sacramento valley, concerns from previous burned areas that soil cannot hold that moisture. here we are in the next hour or so, the yellows over the area at 8:00, through 10:00, then 1:00 we'll see conditions begin to improve behind the front. the next system is the one that is going to be the slow mover, by 6:00 on friday morning, into about the same thing. this morning, is just the beginning, we'll begin to add up rain togethers to about six inches, 60 four today in oakland rain tapering in the afternoon gusty winds now and airport delays at sfo of over three hours and 406 minutes. really going to -- hours and
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46 minutes. really going to get worse in the hours ahead. >> huge delay. traffic around the airport san francisco 101 nice no delays getting to the airport. live look at golden gate bridge southbound four lanes for your commute, busier now, ground is wet, slick roads big issue for your morning commute give yourself plenty of time don't forget if you are using windshield wipers you need headlights on as well northbound 87 past hp pavillion looking good, no delays, looking at your traffic app, 80 westbound from highway 4 moderate traffic, rain reported through pinole, once you get your way to richmond rain reported there, speeds slowing as you make your way towards the east shore freeway and macarthur maze. download this app and navigate the storm and your commute, free on the apple app store and google play >> 6:20 two
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microsoft releases top -- searches for 2012, why the top results -- silicon valley ceo trying to turn yahoo around the morning meeting taking meyer
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. good morning rain in the north bay in sonoma county everyone has been feeling the wind especially coast 30 to 40 mile hour gusts there.
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in san jose breezy as well, green and yellows closer into the north bay occidental and fort ross, sea ranch getting moderate rain through beau bay, further south not a lot going -- going on into the east bay and peninsula, south bay just showers more offshore if you are traveling the worst weather has to be here with airport delays at sfo three hours and 46 minutes due to that wind. it is 6:25. microsoft's bing has top searches for 201012, iphone 5 ranked as the -- most searched item on binge this year despite -- on bing this year. apple released iphone 5 in october, other searches for 2012, number two, the elections, number three, the 2012 olympics, number four,
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hurricane san tlc reality show, honey boo-boo rounds out top five. marissa mayer meeting with president obama at the white house today. [ unintelligible ] president obama has called apple's ceo cook to get his input. nancy pelosi will be meeting with business leaders as well. rayer nation, we want to see your team pride we invite to you e-mail fan photos to u report. we'll post the photos and show them on air during raiders day coming up december 6th when we will broadcast the game live from the coliseum at 5 p.m.. since we are not -- >> we'll see peyton manning in
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a broncos uniform rain and wind hitting the bay area right now. here's a look at live doppler, meteorologist lisa argen is ahead with the areas seeing the most rain now and will see the most rain in the 8 to 9:00 hour. the bay area city hit by a wall of mud a few weeks ahead the preparations to make sure the wet weather doesn't cause more of a another disaster. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo in pacifica, rain has been coming and going the wind will not let up. i have a warning from the coast guard for
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at 6:30 let's start by
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looking at the palm trees on the embarcadero and the flags, those winds are really starting to howl from this storm, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we have live team coverage on the storm now amy hollyfield is in the north bay, katie marzullo is at the pacifica pier, monitoring the coastal conditions. >> let's begin with meteorologist lisa argen. heaviest rain so far has been in the north bay. you can see the yellows and the greens it is beginning to over spread the entire bay area. the wind gusts have been with utts that's why we are under a wind advisory through 11:00, occidental and bodega bay heavier rain here, highway 116, 101 windsor through rohnert park east bay not much happening breezy and quiet blue representing a little moisture picked up further south into the east bay and along the coast we are looking at the rain increasing as well as the wind today along the
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coast numbers in the upper 50s to 60 around the bay then already mild, you too will see the rain within the 8:00, 9:00 hour through noon things taper inland today temperatures mild, rain heads your way within the 8:00, 9:00 hour through the early afternoon. gusty winds and slick roads as the storm gets underway, live look at the bay bridge toll, metering lights on, carpool lanes getting by and fastrak lanes traffic now bumper-to-bumper beyond the overcrossings towards the macarthur maze sluggish upper deck and heavy into san francisco and windy. coming off of the bay bridge live look at skyway, tail lights southbound 101 off the skyway, tail lights pardon me headlights headed westbound towards the bay bridge traffic flowing nicely here great way to go this morning to avoid driving in the storm bart on time, muni, caltrain, we
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checked with all mass transit, everyone on time, stalled big rig left lane westbound 92 in san mateo at hillsdale high wind advisory on the san mateo bridge at this hour as well. our storm watch coverage tips if the north bay. -- continues from the north bay. amy hollyfield joins us with conditions now. >> reporter: good morning i hear all of you talking about the wind, we are not dealing with any wind here. we have getting a steady rain, from drizzle to good solid raindrops. let me step out of way to see if you can get a vision hard to show in the dark, it is coming down the streets are wet, something to keep in mind for sure in the north bay. it hasn't been a downpour yet, although we keep hearing it is coming, looks like it is going to save up for the thick of the morning commute when you are actively out there dropping off kids and making
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your way to the office for whatever you have to do this morning. looks like that's when the downpour going to hit. we are just getting a nice steady rain now. the people that we've talked to this morning tell us that i been paying attention, they heard it was coming, cleared out drains, all pulled out their rain jackets. >> same schedule, it is with going to be wet i did a lot of prep around the house. it will be a usual day up here in the north bay during a storm hopefully, we'll get good rain, snow in the sierras it won't be rain, it will be a crazy day on the roads. >> reporter: we spotted the woman who delivers the newspapers in san rafael this morning. she told us she was working at a quicker pace trying to beat storms she doesn't want to get wet and doesn't want her newspapers to get wet. the papers are dry and safely in their bin this morning, that's good news here in san rafael. everyone trying to do what they can to have minimal
6:34 am
impact, beat the storm if they can, have anything ready to go, they know it is coming, but still okay here in san rafael. don't let this fool you, grab that umbrella before you leave the house. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. live storm watch coverage continues with katie marzullo at the pacifica pier. i imagine the winds have been whipping up there. >> reporter: yeah, i can report the exact opposite of amy h no rain, tons of wind. the -- wind will not let up. handful of dog walkers, joggers out here a local woman said we need the rain and this is great. the lights coming up a little, at least we can see the ocean churning and get a better idea about the weather. the coast guard says the gusts of wind from the south could be very dangerous today and they are asking people to
6:35 am
avoid the beaches and of course avoid the water during the storm that is advice not he'ded by a san jose fish end -- not heeded by a san jose fisherman. i asked him what weather it would take to chase him from the pier? >> i don't think you can. eye been out here rain or shine before. i'm ready. >> reporter: he's ready he says, i can barely make out his outline so far, so good waves low, coast guard asking boat owners to tie down their vessels so they are not banging around in the marina that was the case yesterday in half moon bay we talked with crab fishermen who came in early but were paying special attention to tie down their boats and be secure for this storm. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:36.
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residents on the peninsula will be keeping a close eye on a sliding hillside where a mudslide happen earlier this month, a water main break caused a mess november 13th. crews have been working around the clock ahead of this week's storms to shore up parts of the hill. so far daly city has almost half a million dollars to repair damage caused by the break and flood. water district using webcams to keep an eye on rivers and creeks icam monitor critical drains in los gatos, sunnyvale and morgan hill. employees will monitor the network of webcams the water district is encouraging homeowners to remove leaves and other debris from gutters. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage on the storms hitting the bay area track the rain yourself at
6:37 am 6:37. traffic and weather, together. right now you can see from this picture in san jose, raining there as well. lightfm rain, the l move in, in a couple of hours. meteorologist lisa argen will have your full forecast. sue hall is tracking traffic. car flips over in san francisco, the late night hit-and-run accident now
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good morning. heaviest rain still offshore, moderate rain and gusty winds all around the bay area, moderate rain north in sonoma county, rain around bodega bay, that yellow through inverness, petaluma light rain 101, a breakthrough southern marin, peninsula, oakland and
6:40 am
san mateo not much going on now many look at what is offshore, it is headed your way we'll be looking at rain increasing winds up to 39 miles an hour at half moon bay, 31 miles an hour at the airport that's why we have three hour and 46 minute delays at sfo, temperatures mild, upper 50s, just getting into it within the next half hour to 30 minutes. then the rain behind us by the afternoon. slow go this morning. good morning. major delays at sfo, getting to sfo highway 101, peninsula is looking good now. here's a look at 101 golden gate bridge, road is wet, we've got some sort of emergency vehicle coming across the span on the sidewalk area no issues there, maybe for pedestrian problem traffic light coming into the city from marin county. eastbound 580 at grant line commute westbound typically slow out of the central valley, about 25 minutes near the dublin pleasanton interchange
6:41 am
slow out of antioch towards pittsburg. stalled big rig west 92 in san mateo at hillsdale blocking service lane from the left. -- blocking second lane from the left. we'll continue to stay on storm watch, heaviest stuff coming in the next hour or so. ahead, late night hit-and-run involving several cars in san francisco. trading underway, investors monitoring ongoing talks about the fiscal cliff. dow down 55 points. we go to jane king
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good wednesday morning. the rain has been heaviest in the north bay, wind gusts along the coast into the south bay, that's why we have a wind advisory for the entire bay area and also a wind warning along the coast. winds have been in excess of 40 miles an hour. here's live doppler 7 hd with the yellows from the north bay offshore to around point rays and inverness as we head east richmond and kensington, light rain into san francisco, look what is coming your way within the next half hour, 15 minutes, you are getting wet, pescadero looking at wet weather here are the winds, we are just getting going heaviest window will be between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. now live outside for a couple of live shots what is outside in san rafael on the left, it is definitely getting light rain but lisa says they are in a break now with the heavier stuff to come.
6:45 am
picture from pacifica on your right that rain is starting to fall more heavily, the winds that's going to be the big issue gusts up to 50, 55 miles per hour later this morning. possible thunderstorms. as you head to work this morning be careful. coming up we go back to live to our reporter in the field. if you are wondering what the weather is like in the big ap here on gma.
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>> if we don't see you tomorrow, we will know you won that big jackpot. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating an overnight hit-and-run that involved several vehicles around 11:00 last night in the excellior district near russia and prag g street, several parked vehicles were hit, no injuries police are still looking for the suspect who got away.
6:47 am
breaking news out of pacific firefighters at the scene of a house fire it started after 5:30 this morning, power lines are down in front of two of the homes. there's a shelter-in-place order in effect for those two houses all this happening with the storm starting to come in we'll have more on abc7 news at 11 this morning on this story. more talks scheduled in washington today as we get closer to that fiscal cliff deadline. >> jane king joins us with that and early trading. good morning. what is happening today, a group of high level ceos going to the white house to meet with president obama to discuss how to avoid the fiscal cliff. ceo of goldman sachs also marissa mayer at yahoo among those expected to attend that meeting today. the housing market in focus. we get a report on new home
6:48 am
sales from the commerce department in 10 minutes. so far this morning, wall street firmly fixated on washington. markets again on the defensive this morning after a down day yesterday. bloomberg index lower 1% down. looking for a new car? japanese automakers, honda, toy 0 tab, sue rue, mazda, mitsubishi having the best -- customer service, serviced and updates. volkswagon ranked lowest. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> as you plan your day when will the heaviest rainfall and the strongest wind? >> we are look ago the 8:00 to 11:00 the rain has been coming didn't mainly in the for the bay winds gusting all around the bay, live look now you will notice the skies are dark,
6:49 am
clouds are lowering, live doppler 7 hd shows within this loop, the darker green and yellows are indicated mainly north also developing along the coast now. it is going to be a quick mover within the next three to four hours a little slow to get started you can see from windsor to bodega bay and inverness, moderate rain. richmond, kensington, berkeley, a breakthrough emeryville, peninsula getting into the wet weather, burlingame and 280, ben lomond look at yellows all headed in your direction. half moon bay, pacifica and sfo, three hour and 46 minute delays at the airport wind gusts over 20 miles an hour in the north bay. numbers from 50 east bay to upper 50s to near 60. the first edge of the rain band continues to move in, we still have all of this to go, once it continues to push
6:50 am
through the area, 8:00, 9:00, it is going to rapidly accelerate east. the heaviest rain comes down with within the next hour to two hours. then we'll be looking at scattered shower activity maybe even a thunderstorm. the rain and the wind will taper off. here's our break. by thursday afternoon, the heaviest rain has been in the north bay then it sinks south, 6:00 tomorrow morning, friday morning another messy commute. tomorrow morning looks good, this afternoon looks better up to six inches in the north bay, four inches bay area wide through sunday, the second and third system that promises rainfall amounts upwards of 3/4 of an inch to an inch. winter weather advisory snow levels 10:00 this morning, four to eight inches above 6,000 feet, back home in the afternoon, low to mid 60s behind the system lighter winds, still a little breezy, mid 60s around salinas this afternoon and our look ahead, includes a rainy period today in the next several hours the
6:51 am
heaviest rain through 11:00, then our break, late thursday into friday. friday morning another tessy commute on and off rain saturday, -- heavier rain sunday morning. hello everyone. he storm approaching rapidly, nice traffic conditions off the bay bridge, metering lights on the other side of the toll, traffic backed past overcrossing skyway coming into san francisco on 80 looking good, westbound 580 at livermore truck scales reports of an accident in the median. you can see it beginning to look a little better out of central valley less than 50 miles an hour, then slows up and over the altamont pass, 25 minute ride. westbound 92 at hillsdale, stalled big rig second lane from the left. high wind advisory on the san mateo bridge. expect high winds on all the bay area bridges this morning as well. let's look the our -- at our waze app, looking at 880 through san lorenzo towards
6:52 am
hayward, heavy traffic, light rain beginning to great way to navigate your commute, free app for your iphone. 6:52. >> storm watch coverage continues. next we check in with our reporters in the north bay and along the coast. >> and the abc7 morning
6:53 am
good morning. sic:53, live picture gorgeous one of lake -- 6:53, live picture, gorgeous one of lake tahoe. by late this morning above 7,000 feet you can see the peaks will get more snow and the ski resorts should be happy about that if you are driving up there, bring chains. back to our storm watch coverage we have reporters on the coast and in the north bay. let's begin with amy
6:54 am
hollyfield in san rafael. getting wet yet? >> reporter: good morning. it is getting windier, a little colder, the storm has been a tease all morning. let me step out of the way so you can see the rain we are getting now we've had heavy, solid raindrops at one point but spaced apart it wasn't a downpour when you thought it was going to come down it was switched to drizzle that held steady for a while. now it feels like we are getting a break but it starting to change because we are feeling some wind for the first time. people around here definitely know it is coming. we have seen umbrellas and jackets, we've talked to people who said they cleaned out their storm drains now they are just waiting. we know it is on the way, we hear it is going to be heavy and going to come down hard here in the north bay. winds picking up, different for my colleague on the peninsula in pacifica, katie marzullo joins us now live from there. you've been getting blown away
6:55 am
all morning. how are you doing down there? >> reporter: thank you for asking, i was going to say the rain has been light and the wind has been heavy now it is pouring. take a look at paeub behind us as raindrops come down heavy. we have seen a few people out and about, two fishermen at the end of the pier, handful of joggers and dog walkers taking advantage of what was fairly calm until we see it get worse as the day goes on. big gusts out of the south going to make for dangerous conditions, coast guard is warning people to avoid the low-lying beaches and definitely stay out of the water during this storm. live in pacifica, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> one look at;g' the storm. coast, north bay, bodega bay about to move into marin county, die in the east bay
6:56 am
along the peninsula, you saw amy, -- dry in the east bay, along the peninsula, you saw katie winds gusty to 40 miles an hour, offshore south bay wet weather beginning to move in upper 50s to low 60s today should do it with the rain ending by early afternoon. we'll look for round two late tomorrow night to recap: bay bridge toll metering lights on carpool and fastrak getting by with no problem delays through the overcrossings, so far considering the storm and the weather we've had moderate traffic conditions so far this morning. bart, muni, caltrain all on time, great way to an individual driving in the rain. one issue with drive times not an issue here, looking good santa rosa through marin county. so far, so good. let's not jinx it. abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america". >> by then the rain should be
6:57 am
heavier we'll continue to watch that. we are always on at
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good morning, america. breaking now, a major storm watch for the west coast, as three massive systems are stacked up, set to dump a foot of heavy rain and 100-mile-an-hour winds.
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